How to prepare for an open house inspection

To prepare your property for an open house inspection, street appeal is the first impression people get of your home when they view it from the street. 

The front of your house is what others see as they walk or drive by and what you see as well. A good first impression is vital to ensure prospective buyers come in and take a look.

Whether you’re planning to sell or simply want to improve the appearance and feel of your house, there are various steps to significantly increase its street appeal. 

Clean the interior of your home 

A clean and tidy property always attracts buyers. Remove the dust off all the shelves, and remove any shoes from the floor, or any potential hazards. Vacuum, dust, and mop the entire house.

Bed sheets and pillows washed or put new ones on, toys and books packed away, and windows and mirrors need to be wiped down.

Clean inside ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and cupboards of the kitchen. Your equipment or foods in cupboards should be neatly stored, in case any buyers open up to take a peek. 

All surfaces in the toilet must be wiped down, replace the toilet roll with a brand new one and hang a brand new towel that has never been used and place a bathmat. 

A well-maintained and clean home shows the owners care about the house.

Clean the exterior of your home

The garden and your home’s exterior will be the first things buyers see. Make sure it’s appealing by tidying it up, removing dead plants, mowing the lawn, and getting rid of any objects that may be lying around. The driveway should be clear and the gutters cleaned. 

Make sure the pool is vacuumed and check the pool's chemical balance and pH levels so that it looks clear and clean. Outdoor seating areas must be neatly positioned. 

Clear out the mailbox, empty your rubbish bins and move the bins out of sight.

Allow light in, fresh air and set the temperature 

Before the inspection, properly air out your house thoroughly before the inspection to give a fresh and clean feel to the home. During inspections, it does get stuffy so open your windows to let the cool breeze in. 

Open all curtains and blinds to have as much light as possible so that the house can feel very open. Buyers are looking for brightness when buying a property. 

Adjust the temperature accordingly. A comforting blast of cool or hot air, depending on the weather is the warmest welcome you can arrange for the guests as they will feel more at ease to enter the property. 

Fix maintenance issues 

Prepare for your open house by sorting out maintenance issues with the house that can be repaired easily. Fix leaking taps, broken windows, and cracked tiles. Also, replace light bulbs and fix switches and fixtures that are faulty, patching any seen holes. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Fix any broken appliances, as potential buyers may inspect ovens, hot water systems, and garage doors.

Move all pets from the property 

Pet and animal odors are one of the biggest turn-offs during a house inspection. 

Make sure there is no fur anywhere, no pet food around, and no toys laying around, and move your pet away from the home for open inspection day. 

Remove unpleasant smells

During an open inspection, you must remove unpleasant odors, such as dirty shoes, and keep an eye out for certain dishes. Immediately this would give a bad impression of the home. 

Flowers, candles, air fresheners, or even freshly made coffee can help to mask unpleasant odors. 

Safety and Security 

Before you reveal your home to visitors, you should take care to store and secure anything precious or expensive before you allow attendees to have full access.

Keep curtains open during the inspection so that the interior is visible from the street.