How I Add Value

You're simply going to purchase a home once like clockwork, your time is valuable, and your well-deserved cash is the aftereffect of difficult work and penance. Try not to stress, I get it. Here's the reason you can be positive about your decision: As a store Buyer's Agency, you will manage me all through the entire interaction. From the underlying call and visit to giving up the keys to your new home. I will become more acquainted with you and your necessities, and I will be the one looking for your new property.

My center is you. The equivalent applies when I access off-market properties – I will just offer it to you. I'm your expert mediator. A merchant's representative legitimately will undoubtedly ensure that the dealer sells well. They are not there to ensure that you purchase well. As an authorized Buyer's Agent, I will haggle with the selling specialist for your benefit, eliminating the pressure and feeling from the interaction for you, setting aside your cash, and guaranteeing you don't overpay.

How it works

The best place to start is for you to have your finances in order. You wouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes without knowing how you’re going to pay for them, so you really must be pre-qualified to a certain dollar amount with your mortgage lender, unless you are a cash buyer. If you are not yet pre-qualified, or if you need to sell your existing home first, we can still meet up to start the process, but we can’t get the ball rolling unless you are in a position to buy as soon as we find your ideal property.

Ideally, we will meet up in person, or over facetime if necessary. We will discuss your needs, wants and budget over a coffee, and will put together the start of your comprehensive property brief.

I am not able to represent you or negotiate on your behalf without a signed Agency Agreement. This is a straightforward document that we can go through together. It sets out what you’re looking for in a property, and the roles and responsibilities of both parties (me the Agent, and you the Buyer). It must be signed by the same people who are buying the property. As soon as the agreement is signed, and the Engagement Fee is paid, I’ll get to the hard work of sourcing your ideal property.

I will work full time inspecting properties on your behalf, utilising my extensive network of agent contacts and industry knowledge. Many of these properties will be off-market, and not yet seen by the general public. I’ll advise you as soon as I have properties suitable for your shortlist. We can then inspect them together at a time that suits you.

Once we feel that we’ve found The One, I’ll commence extensive due diligence on your behalf. This will include:

  • Liaising with your conveyancer for contract review
  • Ensuring the terms of the contract are favourable for you
  • Overseeing Strata Reports, and translating the findings
  • Attending building and pest inspections on your behalf
  • Reviewing nearby council development applications
  • Reviewing potential impact from bushfire zones, flood zones
  • My clients will exchange within three to ten weeks

Whether we are negotiating by Private Treaty or preparing for an auction campaign, you can be assured that you have an advocate that’s truly got your best interests at heart. I will calculate if we are better to attend the auction, or put in an offer before hand. This is where knowledge of the local market and personal relationships with individual agents really comes into play. If attending the auction, I will do so and bid on your behalf, using the pre-agreed auction strategy. If the property is passed in, I will still be working hard to secure the property for you immediately after the auction.

Once we are in a position to exchange, I will facilitate this for you, ensuring all aspects of the contract are covered, and your deposit is in order.

I don’t place a time limit for you to find your next property. Generally, my clients will exchange within three to ten weeks, to three months.

During the settlement period, I will be liaising with all parties to ensure the process goes smoothly. I will attend the pre-settlement inspection on your behalf. And of course, I will make sure that the keys to your new property arrive safe and sound in your hands.



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