Good communication between property managers, landlords and tenants is critical to a great working relationship and successful property management. Finding quality tenants, coordinating repairs, regular inspections and managing expectations are essential to ensuring your asset is cared for property. We take care of all aspects of your property investment and make the process hassle free.

Maximise Rent

Our property management specialists review the current market conditions to help you optimize your rent return and realize the potential of your property asset.

This requires a skillful negotiator and communicator to help set the rent at an achievable level. Our managers will initiate rent reviews before the end of the lease period to keep rents up to date.

Minimise Vacancy

Having a vacant property is a dreaded scenario for property investors. Our specialist property managers provide you with advice on what rent to set to minimize vacancy.

Our partner's vacancy rates are considerably lower than competitors and use dedicated processes to efficiently and proactively renew your tenant's lease before expiry. They ensure properties are advertised for lease prior to tenant departure and establish good relationships with tenants to ensure co-operation with access for Open for Inspections.

Pro-Active Marketing

Your property is advertised to a wide variety of tenants by using:

  • Major web portals
  • Domain and Sydney Morning Herald
  • Database of prospective tenants
  • Relocation agents
  • Strategic alliances
  • Prominent signage
  • Open for Inspections.

Reference Checks

Our property managers complete a thorough reference check which includes:

  • 100 point ID check
  • Confirming the current employment status
  • Calling previous leasing agent/landlord
  • Checking the national database of the Tenant Reference Australia

Strict Arrears Management

Tenants are required to use a direct debit process where rent is automatically drawn from their bank account.

We review arrears daily and have a follow-up system to ensure rents are paid on time. A quick call to the tenant usually gets things on track, but if payment is not forthcoming after two weeks tenants are issued with a termination notice. Constant monitoring and personal contact with tenants generally prevent this situation from occurring.

Paperwork & Outgoings

To make your life easier we can arrange to pay all your outgoings including insurance, rates, levies and repairs. At the end of the financial year you are sent a summary of all income and expenditure to help keep your tax affairs on track.

Rental payments are paid fortnightly by electronic transfer and statements are sent monthly either by email or standard mail.

Regular Inspections

Property management is never set and forget. We undertake regular inspections and provide detailed condition reports to ensure that your property is well looked after and routine maintenance is carried out. You receive a written report with detailed photos.

Ingoing and outgoing inspection reports are compiled so that there is no dispute with tenants about the original condition of the property.



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